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Kenwood PMR446

Licence free two-way radios are perfect communication in a small area, usually used when in line of sight. These radios transmit at up to 0.5W compared to the licenced equipment which is up to 5W.

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Kenwood TK-3501 PMR446


The Kenwood TK-3501 hand-portable is designed for ‘Simplicity’, making it the ideal license-free radio for use by everybody, from beginners to experts. This license-free two-way radio comes with a 1130mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery, battery charger and belt clip; there’s no need to buy extra accessories for basic operation. It is ready to use right away.

£130.00 (Plus VAT)

Kenwood TK-3701D PMR446


The Kenwood ProTalk TK-3701D is a licence-free UHF digital transceiver featuring both digital dPMR446 and analogue PMR446 communications. This gives you the freedom to migrate at your own pace – whether you are ready to go fully digital, or use with the current analogue transceivers with a view to gradually switching to digital.

£155.00 (Plus VAT)