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Kenwood Mobiles

We have a great selection of Mobile two-way radios these are suitable for desktop or vehicular use. From a simple taxi installation through to a large crane handsfree solution we can always provide something to assist your operations.

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Kenwood NX-1000 Series Mobile

NX-1000D Series Mobile

The Kenwood NX-1000 Series mobile radios support multiple protocols – including NXDN plus DMR – and mixed digital and FM analogue operation. It clearly qualifies as a cost-effective solution for numerous enterprise- and operation critical applications. It is also equipped with optimisable TX/RX audio quality and a smart front panel that prioritises simple convenience: operational status is clear at a glance from the white backlit LCD display, and 7-colour LED indicator. The NX-1000 Series offers an easily visible, white backlit LCD display and Kenwood’s renowned audio quality.

Speaker Microphone must be ordered separately.

£280.00 (Plus VAT)

Kenwood NX-3000 Series Mobile

NX-3000 Series Mobile

The Kenwood NX-3000 Series mobile radios support both NXDN and DMR digital protocols as well as mixed digital and FM analogue operation, enabling it to serve with distinction in a wide range of enterprise and operation-critical applications. Designed with flexibility in mind, it is packed with convenient features like Bluetooth® for hands-free operation and built-in GPS. The NX-3000 Series provides greater freedom of installation, the radio’s front front panel can be used as a remote control head (this requires an optional upgrade, to be available in future).

Speaker Microphone must be ordered separately.

£375.00 (Plus VAT)